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Spam, fraud, and network misuse, and other cybersecurity threats are growing daily in volume and sophistication. We are the experts in messaging security, protecting the largest communications providers and their subscribers worldwide.

Cloudmark's 14Q2 Global Messaging Threat Report

UK regulators took a swing at SMS spammers this quarter. Cloudmark saw the average reported spam levels temporarily drop by nearly 28 percent in the wake of the raid that seized equipment from offices in Wolverhampton. After the disappearance of locally infamous junk car spam, south Florida is yet again responsible for one of the United State's most common types of SMS spam, "free" cruise offers. On the email side, spammers were quick this quarter to hijack the publicity of both the Heartbleed exploit and eBay data breach for their own seedy uses. Find more on these topics, Mexico’s outbound spam issues, and various general trends for both email and SMS in our 14Q2 Global Messaging Threat Report.

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  • ABC

    I-Team: Fighting The Text Phishers

    July 23, 2014 by Jason Knowles

    "These are typically going to places doing high pressure timeshare and you may not get the free or cheap cruise you thought you were going to get," said Neil Cook, Cloudmark.

  • Financial Times

    Hackers Target Mobiles

    July 22, 2014 by Neil Cook

    "Neil Cook, chief technology officer of Cloudmark, says the security threat to smartphone users is real and growing."

  • SecurityWeek

    New Trojan Used in Attempt to Resurrect Gameover Zeus Botnet

    July 11, 2014 by Eduard Kovacs

    "For two weeks after the takeover, the seven-day average spam volume detected by the Cloudmark Global Threat Network went down, and an increasing trend that we had seen in spam volumes through the previous couple of months has been reversed."

  • The Telegraph

    4G 'inherently less secure' than 3G

    July 10, 2014 by Sophie Curtis

    "A major new threat to mobile users comes from the switch to IP (Internet Protocol), according to security firm Cloudmark."

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The world’s top communications service providers turn to Cloudmark to protect their messaging networks.

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Intelligent blocking provides significant savings on downstream messaging infrastructure and improved customer experience.
—Veenod Kurup
VP Data Product Service
Cox Communications

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Trends in Mobile Messaging Abuse

Trends in Mobile Messaging Abuse

Cloudmark CTO Neil Cook discusses the trends in messaging abuse over the last 12 months including the recent spike in fraud and phishing attacks and how the OTT market is now coming under attack.

Unseen Cost and Impact of Mobile Messaging Abuse

Unseen Cost and Impact of Mobile Messaging Abuse

Learn how messaging abuse impacts mobile network operators and how Cloudmark can help.

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